Breeze Bar

Breeze offers guests authentic Asian cuisine, progressively presented and served, with strong influences from the traditions of China and Southeast Asia. Each course is paired with wines predominantly from the German-speaking countries. Because this is one of Europe’s northernmost and therefore coolest wine regions, these wines have the acidity, elegance and refreshing characteristics that make them perfect pairings with a wide range of ingredients and Asian spices. This creates a heightened culinary experience at Breeze that is complemented by the unobtrusive yet impeccable service and timeless, cutting-edge design.

To achieve the ambitious design vision for the new Breeze, lebua enlisted the renowned architectural firm Eight Inc, creators of the iconic Apple store on Fifth Avenue, who transformed the space into an oasis of calm far removed from the bustle of the city. Inspired by nature, and accented by flowers and flowing water, bronze and brass, timber and stone, guests at Frankfurt’s new Breeze are transported to a realm unlike anyplace and anything they had experienced before – even at Breeze in Bangkok.


  • Location9
  • Prices7
  • Food10
  • Atmosphere10
  • Overall9
  • 9


Open hours


Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Am Kaiserplatz


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